I've thought so much about this move.  So many were possible at this juncture, but this is the path I chose.  Environment matters, but is it my be all end all?  On this flight from Tahiti to Auckland, I'm sitting beside a man who is in the denier camp.  We've spent the last two hours discussing climate change, and I feel good doing it.  I want to learn more so I'll have even more ammo for my arsenal.  I'm ready to start my classes so I can keep on challenging those around me who think environmentalists are ridiculous horn blowers.  I could do without the explanation of this man's failed marriage due to his wife's lack of libido, but hey, what can you do?  

I feel so many thing right now.  I'm carry around fear, anticipation, curiosity, and homesickness, but I'm ready.  We're about to cross the international date line.  As I move towards the future both physically and mentally, my hopes are high.  I always tell friends and family weighing decisions that the decision they make is the right one.  It is the one there is.  Seems simple, but it is hard to wrap your mind around at times.  I'm glad I'm here in this moment - starting over again in a new place.  It is so hard sometimes to be separated from my family, friends, and Alex, but we will all get through it.  Already I have had quite an adventure in French Polynesia and that was only four days of my life.  Here's to the next 365.  
2/21/2012 03:58:10 am

I'm loving the updates..keep em coming. How about next time you plan one of these trips, you plan it for two? I so should have found a way to latch on to this plan. Miss & love you!!!


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