"The Golden Rule.  Pack your suitcase a week in advance.  Then unpack it and get rid of half."

First and foremost, I'd like to slap you Rick Steves for being the source of a very high level of anxiety in my life this month.  I have packed my suitcase (note, one suitcase for one year) twice, and I am failing miserably.  My carry on is devoted to Tahiti, we've got that covered.  My very large Christmas present suitcase however...it's not havin it.  I've read enough articles and blogs related to year long packing that I feel as if my head is going to spin off in another direction.  They all repeat the same things...pack light.  You'll never under pack as you can pick up different things no matter where you are.  Cue the Americans turned New Zealanders I've talked to...who very much disagree.  "Pack as much as you can.  Pay for an extra suitcase no matter how heavy it is.  They have luggage carriers for that."  Or the "Things in New Zealand are four times as expensive in the states.  Bring a year's worth of make-up, jeans, and absolutely every pair of shoe you will need.  And a raincoat.  It rains a lot here."  I would be amazed if I could choose ten pair of shoes to bring.  I think packing twelve dresses is a stretch for me...they are my everyday staple.  Tonight, I'm going to start this process over.  I've been making a list while reading of absolute must haves...I need to collect all of these things before I start packing again.  I also need some friends there to say "NO MA'AM you may not take that with you.  You'll wear it three times."  And maybe some Amos Lee playing in the background.  It's crawfish season.  Maybe I'll have a crawfish dinner before packing...to really mellow myself out food coma style.  Either way, I am conquering this packing, and I'm conquering it in a planned out successful way.  I mean, would two suitcases really be a failure?  I don't even own two suitcases.  Maybe a suitcase and a duffel?  Packing, I will prevail!!!!  

Can you tell I'm excited about this trip?  I. cannot. wait. to. go.  Seriously, I'm dreaming of New Zealand every night here.  Face buried in my Lonely Planet...I never thought that I would be more excited than a five year old on Christmas Eve, but I am.  
1/26/2012 06:19:58 am

Yay!!!! I'm so excited for you!!!! You will prevail over the suitcase. Yay New Zealand!


Good post! thanks for the info!


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