Occasionally you put something in your mouth that is holy shit good.  There's just no other way to describe it.
In search of dessert good enough for a breakup (Melbourne is the perfect place to be if one finds themselves doing some relationship chopping) we ended up at Koko Black.  The world's best food recommenders, the employees of Lululemon, pointed us in the right direction.  This understated beacon of deliciousness was located on the Paris end of Collins Street, home to many a happy food experience.  

It started with the "Belgian Spoil" - described as a "traditional chocolate platter including walnut brownie, two pralines, florentine, ice cream, and mousse. " Holy. Shit. Good.  The ice cream tasted like a Disney movie - delicious, emotional, beautifully colored, deep in meaning while basic on the surface, just all of it.  A ridiculous medley of tastes that took me by surprise.  This mousse was the lightest but most decadent icing ever created.  The raspberry puree in a dark chocolate ganache kind of sent me over the edge at this point.  Holly and I exchanged nothing but curse words for about five minutes.  That's it, just intermittent periods of silence and cussing.  
Within twenty-four hours, we found ourselves back on Collins Street.  The iced coffee, equally decadent, went right down the hatch and jacked me up for hours.  We loaded up on chocolates for "our travels" (yea right, they barely made it into my purse) and continued the day in our chocolate induced reverie.  

Look, I eat a lot of chocolate.  I cannot remember a day in the last six months that I didn't eat at least a small amount.  Embarrassingly, (judge free) I eat it for breakfast far too often.  This is probably the reason I'm such a happy person.  When I tell you this is the best chocolate I've ever eaten in my entire life, you should believe me.  If you ever go to Australia, go to Koko Black.  It beat all the European chocolate I've tried, and that's sayin something.  Maybe they should sponsor me or send me free samples or something.?

Seriously? You're just mean. I could almost taste it!!


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