I woke up two days ago overwhelmed with the "to-do" blues.  My day was planned out by the minute, and I literally couldn't even read the books I had just checked out from the library because I felt over scheduled.  Five minutes later, I was on facebook reading away.  What is that?!  "I'm done." I thought.  Deactivate.

At first I was worried.  Don't I need to be visible so everyone back home can keep up with me?  Won't I feel out of the loop with all my best friends?  I did it anyways.  It is absolutely incredible how much more productive I am.  While I'm still a bit frazzled with my ever present to-do list, I know that I'm chipping away at it (and - bonus - studying something I love) instead of wasting precious time looking at the computer screen.  I signed on to the ole fb in 2005.  It's now 2012.  For as long as I can remember, the first and last thing that I have done each day is check my news feed. 

I think I'm done with that for a while - maybe even until Christmas.  So if you find yourself wondering what I've been up to, come check here - now I'll have the time to actually keep up with it.

If I haven't updated, know that my life looks like books, journals, classes, Rotary, and a thesis.  And that I miss you.  Below is a picture of Welly from the other day - we were showin the seal how we dos it.

Still love it here - guess that means I chose well!  It does beg the question however - to stay another year or to not stay another year?  (In the works) :)

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