On a podcast this morning (http://stitcher.com, entrepreneurship, entreleadership), Dave Ramsey lays out his argument for the functioning "Wheel Of Life."  Each spoke of said wheel contributes to a healthy life.  When a single spoke is off balance, one can be in for a bumpy ride.  He says things I have heard before, but his delivery was so direct that I actually found myself listening instead of just hearing.  

Spokes - Intellectual, Family, Social, Career, Financial, Spiritual, Physical. (I'm going to add travel, because I just need it.)

Focus on goals and follow through with them.  Do not just focus on your strengths.  Focus on each area, and make a to do list for each.  Focus.  Finish.  
The new year is fast approaching and so are resolutions (that are oftentimes anything but resolute).  Because I am impatient, I think I'm going to go ahead and break these spokes down today.  I do not know where to start, and I sometimes feel like my wants and goals are just too big.  For instance - when things like dream jobs come to mind, I feel flustered.  How does one identify their calling / passion?  I am not sure that I have found mine at this point in life, but I want to start chipping away at it.  Fear is keeping me from getting started.  Does everyone feel this way??  My instinct says yes, probably at some point.  See, there I go again!  Start fast talkin to try to get out of this introspective endeavor!  Maybe I should try the rubber band thing - snap each time I go to negative town?  Probably not...

Spokes, here goes nothing.  

Intellectual: Read more non-fiction (focus on environment, biographies)
                         Study other cultures to become more of a global citizen
                         Work on my languages
Family:          Talk to my family members once a week
Social:           Fill calendar with friend dates before I leave
                         Organize gathering in Arkansas
                         Learn about University of Victoria clubs and activities 
                         Get involved with Rotary
Career:         Read Quitter by Jon Acuff
                        Organize contacts before job ends
                        Soul search - dream job
                        WRITE.  Don't be scared if others hate it - get thoughts down on paper.
                        Find a way to finance a possible second year of school
Financial:    Plan New Zealand Budget
                        Contribute to New Zealand savings until February
Spiritual:     Read my Bible
                        Study world religions
                        Acts of kindness 
Travel:         Trip around the world - break it down into places, dollars, and timeline
                       Organize possible trips in New Zealand
Physical:     Drink more water
                       Eat more fruits, vegetables.  Less sugar, less bread and pasta on the reg
                       Bring new grains into my life
                       Do something physical everyday
                       Find activities I love (instead of hating the gym)
                       Start the days with exercise
                       Research family history and try to outsmart genetics through healthy habits
                       Strength train a few times a week

This is the first stab at my "wheel."  I will edit it over time, but it feels good to get some things down on paper.  

New Zealand countdown - we are 2 months and 3 weeks away from departure.  I have quite a bit to do in the form of paperwork. Also, I have to find a place to live.  I once thought DC accommodation was a challenge, but finding a place in another hemisphere is a whole other story.  They are even a day in the future!  I think this may end up being a game time decision once I get there.  Go with the flow I'm telling myself...it will all work out!  My mother would have a fit if she were in my shoes.  "You don't have a place to live lined up?!  Are you crazy?!!"  Some might say momma, some might say.

How did we get into the two months away territory anyway? 
Thankfully, I have quite a few distractions coming up.  Thanksgiving with Alex's family in Virginia, New Orleans with Liz, Scott, and Alex in December, and then Christmas and New Year's!  I haven't put any thought into the activities of January yet, but I figure I should reserve some weeks for dealing with the impending pack two suitcases for the upcoming year situation.  I'm going to go ahead and guess that I'll need to ship some boxes ahead of me??  Let's not get ahead of ourselves here.  I've still got loads of time to enjoy my job, friends, the fall, Alex, and DC.  Regardless, carpe dieming it is in full effect!  

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