I have just returned from my first meeting with my host club, Wellington South.  The joke was made that I would now have a whole family of grandfathers here in my new country.  It turns out, that may be the case!  The average age is 80-90, and there was only one woman in attendance aside from myself.  One Rotarian even told me he was in attendance at the original performance of Henry V, circa 1600.  At least they have a sense of humor.  One gentleman was trying and failing to remember my name, and someone across the table yelled “She is Casey, you are George, he is Keith, and I am Peter!!”  Bless em.  The meeting is held at the Victoria Bowling Club on Pirie Street next to Mt. Victoria.  I have never before heard of “lawn bowling,” (http://www.victoriabowlingclub.org.nz/) but it seems as if it’s a bit of a dying sport.  I plan to have a go at it myself, and I’ll report back! 

We had a great lunch of roast beef and mashed potatoes, followed by a caramel cake and ice cream.  After, we shared tea and then began with the speakers.  I spoke briefly with the club, followed by Tony Paine of Victim Support in New Zealand.  He gave an incredible talk about the role of victim support in New Zealand and how we can get behind the organization to assist in the mission.  I certainly will become a part of the program while I’m here. 

Anna and Francis have been assigned to be my host counselors, and I was finally able to meet both of them today and yesterday.  Wellington South is in need of a bit of a revamp, and I hope to take some part in that.  I have been invited on the boys fishing trip on April 1st, so that should be quite an interesting time.  Excited to be here, and excited to be a member of Rotary!

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