I’ve never had a birthday quite like this one.  I’m absolutely amazed by the friends I’ve made here – how every single one has something inside of them that absolutely radiates.  Like sunshine, they’ve brightened my birthday in New Zealand.  

Birthday Eve started with a birthday song serenade from twenty wonderful ladies and gentlemen from Wellington South.  Next came a team Alaska versus Arkansas jenga tournament win ($100 bar tab yeyeaaaaaaa!!), followed by some birthday cake shots (and maybe some tequila shots) at my favorite bar. http://www.thecross.co.nz/

On the morning of the 31st, I woke up to a cloudless sky and sunshine.  I swooped Kaitlin up for a walk into town - an apple turnover at Le Moulin and a walk through the always impressive Moore Wilson's (Whole Foods on crack).  Next it was back to school for presentation prep at which point myself and my lecturer dressed up as  "goodwill fairys" and tip toed around the classroom (throwing candy and dancing like fools).  After the presentation ended, the entire class sang Happy Birthday.  There I was, covered in glitter with a magic wand, angel wings, and a tiara on my head thinking "I'm in the right place."  A dinner of fajitas, cake, movies, and margaritas was the cherry on top of this wonderful day - with the most wonderful people in the most wonderful place.  Thank you everyone for making me feel so special.  

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