I've been short on adventuring as of late, and I'm feelin it.  The southerlies are blowin through and rattling Waiteata, making me thankful I'm inside instead of out.  I hear it all night and all day, racing across every construct.  The wind here whips you like a lasso and can knock you off your feet.  When I lay down to bed at night, I listen to it for awhile, wondering if it has exhausted itself out yet.  Eventually, I always lose the contest to the wind.  

School is in full force again.  It's been quite a while since I have been inundated with assignments, but I'm certainly back in the trenches.  I present my first Rotary speech tomorrow to a club about thirty minutes away.  I've been organizing my thoughts since Friday, so hopefully I can keep them actively listening for twenty minutes!  We shall see.  Papers, presentations, and assignments are all adding up to equal a nice and productive week.  If these winds keep up, there is no place but the library I'd rather be.  Mother nature, bring it on!

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