Making an acquaintance with routine is a mistake.  In three weeks, my routine will come apart, and I will be headed in a new direction.  Now that things here are coming to a close, I have the chance to think about what it is I really want out of the upcoming year.  What public service projects do I want to begin or become a part of?  What will my new day to day look like?  Most importantly, what can I do that will scare me?  My fellow Ambassadorial Scholar Gregory is speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos today.  I bet he is scared to death (but doing those folks proud)!  I am ready to paint my picture just like Greg is doing.  Give me my paintbrush!

Three weeks left.  I have packed one suitcase as a sort of dress rehearsal.  As much as I hate it, we are probably looking at a two suitcase year.  Rick Steve's will be very disappointed....either way, I'm working on it Rick...

In anticipation of tramping club, I'm now the proud owner of some Mountain Hardwear Gear, a Marmot rain jacket, and some Merrill hiking boots.  We're off to a good start!  


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